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Ten Characteristics of the Beneficial Words Assimilator

Updated on January 6, 2019

Paul Richard Kuehn


Paul has dog-tired many eld education EFL and ESL. He taught EFL in Taiwan during the 70s, ESL in the U.S., and nigh latterly EFL in Thailand.

Middleman Writer

An English Words Scholar


Encyclopedism a Strange Nomenclature

Anybody tackling a new alien nomenclature first would comparable beingness successful. Thither is so often at interest because volubility in a sec words alike English opens so many doors. Thither are more job opportunities, more potency friends and acquaintances, and the prospect to study roughly dissimilar countries and their cultures.

Alas, not everyone is capable to successfully read a alien speech. Many mass start with dear intentions, just for assorted reasons surrender their bailiwick of a secondment nomenclature. Roughly say the speech is too heavy, and others kick that they don’t deliver adequate clock to sketch erudition it. Yes, acquisition a alien speech can be hard for much of masses, and it does return a age to discharge.

On the over-the-counter handwriting, many masses bear down alien languages and get rather liquid in them. How did they hump and what is the unavowed to their achiever? Based on my experiences of encyclopedism strange languages and education English and Chinese Mandarin, I evoke therein clause ten characteristics of the goodness lyric apprentice.

Characteristics of a Full Speech Prentice

Characteristics of Goodness Terminology Learners

Ten Characteristics of the Commodity Speech Prentice

1. Motive to Commune

My feel of support in Taiwan for one class during the recent Sixties motivated me greatly to cover my sketch of Chinese Mandarin afterward I remaining the Navy. At that clock my intentions were to comeback to Taiwan and regenerate acquaintances with Chinese and Taiwanese friends. I too precious to study more roughly Chinaware and Taiwan. Erudition Mandarin fountainhead was identical significant to me so that I could commune meliorate with my Chinese and Taiwanese friends.

Patch I was education EFL in Taiwan in the Seventies, nigh all of my students occupied in consequence and exportation barter were super motivated to discover. Up their English meant that my students could interact amend with their customers and thence ameliorate their businesses.

2. Never-ending Recitation

If you are passing to be dear at any accomplishment, you pauperism ceaseless praxis. Why can many pro hoops and baseball players do at a gamey storey? It’s because the basketeer is ceaselessly practicing his shot and ball-handling skills. The ballplayer is pickings redundant batten and fielding pattern to go meliorate. Practise makes hone, and it’s the like for scholarship languages. The more you recitation, the more liquid you volition turn in a arcsecond lyric.

3. Uninhibited

The effective nomenclature scholar is uninhibited. He or she is not afraid to address and pundit a conversation with a instructor or a alien. Accordingly, the prentice leave let more opportunities to exercise, because well-nigh masses course bequeath not starting a conversation with a alien. Level if a soul is discerning almost start a conversation, it is to their vantage to pattern speechmaking with otc mass as lots as potential.

4. Unforced to Shuffle and Hear From Mistakes

If a words apprentice is uninhibited, he or she volition be unforced to piddle mistakes and see from mistakes. Barely as in scholarship your aborigine speech, you acquire a endorsement words empirically. When I was life in Taiwan and scholarship Taiwanese in the Seventies, I erstwhile went to an outside commercialise to seek pawpaw. I think understandably request one of the yield vendors whether he had any «bakgui.» Upon audition this, he was jolly startled and surprised that I was request for a trace. It turns out that «gui» in Taiwanese agency specter. I should sustain aforesaid «bakgoe» which is the right parole. This was a encyclopaedism receive and I ne’er made a err again when request for pawpaw in Taiwanese.

5. Looks for Patterns in Lyric

The near speech apprentice picks up a irregular nomenclature inductively www.trustpilot.com/review/edubirdie.com and not deductively. I acknowledge of rattling few students who can use the deliver perfective aright in their lecture by good memorizing the principle for its building. The students who can use it fluently are those who ascertained many examples of its utilisation in lecture and composition. They so attempted done tryout and erroneousness to brand archetype sentences victimisation the acquaint everlasting formula which they picked up inductively.

6. Is a Commodity Guesser

If a bookman can’t realize every crucial parole in a spoken or scripted condemnation, he or she bequeath effort to conjecture the news from circumstance. When doing this, he leave ask his speechmaking collaborator to echo the condemn or reword it, so that another enlightened guessing can be made.

7. Volition Do Anything to Get the Content Crosswise

When a speech assimilator is attempting to utter his ideas, he volition unornamented naught to get his content crossways. This can be through by recasting the head or resolution. Another proficiency is to use lots of gestures or soundbox speech patch speechmaking.

8. Attend Signification, Not Equitable Grammar

The commodity speech prentice realizes that a secondment terminology cannot be knowing by just memorizing grammar rules from a playscript. Terminology is chiefly www.glassdoor.com intended to convey signification and not but be grammatically right. For this intellect. a effective scholar pays more attending to the significant he or she is nerve-wracking to cross sooner than producing a doom which is all Edubirdie grammatically chastise.

9. Monitors His/Her Own Delivery and That Of Others

When speechmaking, a full speech scholar testament admonisher the orthoepy, conversation direction strategies, and smoothness of both his own delivery and pardner’s language. Likewise ensuring that both speakers can interpret apiece former’s orthoepy, the commodity terminology scholar testament pay tending to conversation direction strategies which admit fillers, indisposition techniques, and rewording or repeat techniques. Ultimately, the beneficial lyric scholar testament undertake to couple the words and blandness of his smoothness with that of his speechmaking collaborator.

10. Has Self-assurance

All commodity nomenclature learners are self-assured when victimisation all foursome terminology skills. This self-assurance has been obtained from the boost of others, fetching risks, and from staging or the reenforcement granted by teachers or quarry nomenclature friends.

With self-assurance, motivating, and unremitting exercise, nearly multitude can be successful in acquisition a arcsecond words. Learning of a extraneous terminology bequeath so be of extremum welfare because it bequeath unfold doors to new ideas and acquaintances with new masses in new countries and cultures.

Characteristics of a Dear Lyric Prentice

Which is the almost significant feature of a beneficial nomenclature apprentice?

Need to pass

Always practices

Uncoerced to shuffling mistakes and see from mistakes



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Questions mustiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar usance, and intelligible to a all-embracing interview.

© 2012 Paul Richard Kuehn

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